ESIRE Legionella Risk Assesment

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Why it’s needed

Closed heating & chilled water systems are vital in that they regulate the temperature of many critical and non-critical systems. It is essential that these systems always maintain their highest level of efficiency, and the purpose of water treatment of these systems is so that this can be achieved.

A system without proper management and a water treatment regime can lead to:

  • Higher energy bills
  • Increased maintenance costs
  • Potential leaks and blockages
  • System shutdowns or building closures.
Water Treatment Closed Systems

The practice of water treatment within these systems is to focus on protecting the metal components of the system from corrosion processes that may lead to the formation of suspended solids and pitting. This is achieved through the addition of Corrosion inhibitors and equipment such as side stream filtration which aids in the removal of corrosion material from the system, however based on results carried out by routine sampling will determine what treatment may be required as some systems may experience biofouling which can also cause inefficiency of corrosion inhibitors, reduction of heat transfer, corrosion and in some cases blockages.

Why Us?

Environmental Services Ireland can offer many different treatment options for closed loop systems and can form a management system designed specifically for any individual system.