Installation of Ionsation System


Installation of Ionisation System for Water System


July 2018


Healthcare Building


Co. Dublin, Ireland


A hospital in Dublin consulted with Environmental Services Ireland (ESI) on the ongoing Legionella positive results in their hot and cold water systems looking for a permanent solution following many years of unsuccessful remedial measures.


Environmental Services Ireland evaluated the systems, remedial measures and historical results. This assessment found that the buildings’ water services contained mechanical defects and had significant performance issues which would require very significant capital outlay and modifications to remediate. While these defects would still require improvement in the long term ESI proposed the installation of a Copper Silver Ionisation system in the short term to counteract the conditions giving rise to the positive Legionella results.

Work Completed:

  1. Identification of the point of mains water entry to the system cold water storage tanks
  2. Installation of the ESI Copper Silver Ionisation Unit
  3. Comprehensive guidance issued on management of the water systems – with a particular focus on flushing to ensure turnover and deliver of biocidal products through the systems.
  4. Service and monitoring schedule implemented including Legionella and Copper/Silver sampling
  5. Where results of Copper/Silver analysis indicate low rates of usage then additional flushing is directed to those areas.


Over time the results which had been positive for Legionella consistently and historically declined to the point where consistent negative results were achieved at the end of a 12 month period.

Ongoing monitoring and management of the systems ensures the system remains Legionella free and site has achieved a position where chemical disinfections are no longer utilized or required as a response.