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Environmental Services Ireland has an abundance of experience carrying out the successful treatments of closed pipework systems in many sectors such as, Pharmaceutical, Industrial, Commercial residential and even Data Centres.

Why it’s needed

The application of pre-commission cleaning to heating, cooling and other closed pipework systems is to prevent any means of risk and ensure that the quality, performance and more importantly the longevity of the systems is in a condition which meets the standards set out in the BSRIA BG 29/2021 Guidelines.

This process is usually achieved through flushing and chemical cleaning, followed by the addition of biocides and inhibitors. Carrying this out it ensures:

  • That the internal surfaces are free from excessive corrosion products such as magnetite and hematite (rust) and appropriately treated to minimize ongoing corrosion.
  • The system is free from all construction debris, dirt, jointing materials, grease, and welding particles.
  • The risk of biofilm formation is minimised and bacteria associated with microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) are controlled using biocides and other control measures.
  • The system can be commissioned correctly and perform at it best.
  • That the ongoing maintenance of the water quality within the system is manageable.

Why us?

A successful clean of a system is verified by water samples collected from the system and analysed for a range of different parameters set out in the BSRIA BG 29/2021 guidelines. The satisfactory results are issued along with a detailed report of work.

Environmental Services Ireland employees are trained on an ongoing basis keeping up to date with all relevant guidelines & processes. This is done via consistent auditing, online and practical training courses, and frequent toolbox talks, which are set out in our business management system.

It is essential that the pre-commission cleaning of pipework systems is carried out by a trusted and proven contractor such as Environmental Services Ireland to avoid any issues or complications when it comes to the handover of the project.

Environmental Services Ireland will ensure that the best practice is applied, with constant communication throughout the entire project ensuring that all works a completed in a professional matter, and to a standard the that has established ourselves as one of the most reputable water treatment companies within Ireland & Europe.