Remedial Flushing of Chilled Water System


Remedial Flushing of Chilled Water System




Commercial Office Building


Co. Dublin, Ireland


Environmental Services Ireland (ESI) carried out bi-annual closed loop samples at A multi-national client with offices in Dublin.

The samples indicated that the water quality within the chilled water system was poor with low acidic pH levels, high soluble and total Iron indicating active corrosion and elevated levels of suspended solids causing blockages within the system pipework and strainers.


Based on the sample results and issues site were having with this system Environmental Services Ireland carried out a survey to determine the best course of action for a successful clean.

  1. IBC’s (containers) were delivered to site for the capture of contaminated glycol wastewater. This water was captured at the beginning of the treatment and was disposed of and certified.
  2. All PICV valves within the system had cartridges removed to allow for full flow throughout the entire system without any restrictions. As the entire system was contaminated it is vital that all pipework is thoroughly treated, removing any corrosion deposits or microbiological fouling.
  3. A full dynamic flush was carried out with all flow rates recorded and achieved throughout as per the BSRIA BG 29/2021. During this procedure vast amounts of carrion deposits were removed from the system.
  4. A chemical clean and biocidal wash were carried out using a neutral organic pH cleaner and non-oxidizing biocide. Levels were recorded throughout the treatment and recorded ensuring that a successful chemical clean was carried out. All chemicals were flushed out of the system upon completion of the clean.
Remedial Flushing Project 1
Remedial Flushing Project 2
  1. Once all chemical was flushed from the system and there were satisfactory results uniform throughout the systems network, it was then dosed with a non-toxic water-based concentrate of organic inhibitors which provide all round corrosion & cleaning protection through synergistic combination of additives. Along with a mono-ethylene glycol to a suitable concentration to ensure frost protection is in place.
  2. A Magnetic Side stream filter was installed on completion to help maintain satisfactory water quality within the system ensuring that a strict programme is put in place so that the system remains in good working order.


On completion of the remedial flushing and treatment of this closed pipework system the results indicated that a successful treatment had been carried out. Further sampling of this system also shows that levels have been stable & satisfactory.

As a result of carrying out this treatment the building now is running an efficient cooling system providing a comfortable workplace for their tenants and cutting down on unnecessary costs.

Remedial Flushing Project 1
Remedial Flushing Project 2