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What we do

The services offered by Environmental Services Ireland (ESI) are designed to assist our clients to discharge their duties under legislation such as the SAFETY, HEALTH AND WELFARE AT WORK ACT 2005 and associated guidance and industry best practice standards. The Irish HPSC (Health Protection Surveillance Centre) published the National Guidelines for the Control of Legionellosis in Ireland in 2009. Legionella control and risk management in accordance with these guidelines is one of a number of services offered by Environmental Services Ireland (ESI).

Why it’s needed (Benefits)

Measures are required by law to manage the risk of Legionella exposure for workers as outlined in is The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 (S.I. No. 10 of 2005).

The Legionella Risk Assessment documents the installation and operation of all water systems on site and assesses the potential risk of Legionella growth within these systems. The risk assessment is completed referencing all relevant guidance and legislation including amongst others:

  • Health Protection Surveillance Centre, National Guidelines for the Control of Legionellosis in Ireland, 2009.
  • HSE document L8 – Legionnaires Disease, The control of legionella bacteria in water systems: Approved Code of Practice and Guidance.

In accordance with guidelines the risk assessment aims to:

  • Identify and assess sources of potential risk;
  • Prepare a scheme for preventing or controlling the risk;
  • Provide guidance on implementation, management and monitoring of precautions;
  • Document managerial responsibilities and those responsible.

Why choose us?

The Legionella Risk Assessment is presented in a concise report and includes a documented summary of all plant, photographic supporting evidence, assessment of current policies and procedures, water sampling results and water system schematics and an asset register if required. The risk assessment process and associated documentation is completed to the standards outlined by the Legionella Control Association.

ESIre Legionella Control Association

Legionella Control Association Member

We are a Full Member (Company Registration Number 2011/2192) of the Legionella Control Association. Registration with the Legionella Control Association confirms that the procedures and documentation developed and used by Environmental Services Ireland meets the high standards of the Code of Conduct for Service Providers in the area of Legionella control services. An annual audit of the company’s procedures and documentation is completed by the Legionella Control Association to ensure the high standards of the code of conduct are maintained.