Pre-Commission Cleaning Closed Heating & Chilled Pipework Systems


Pre-Commission Cleaning Closed Heating & Chilled Pipework Systems




Commercial Office Building


Co. Dublin, Ireland


Environmental Services Ireland (ESI) was contracted to carry out the Pre-commission cleaning of the heating and cooling closed pipework system at a commercial building in Dublin Ireland. This building’s pipework network consisted of chillers, boilers, AHU’s and with over 600 fan coil units throughout.


The closed Loop systems within this project were treated as it is applied in the BSRIA BG 29/2021. Due to the nature of this building a Full Dynamic Flush, Chemical clean/biocidal wash and final dose was carried out.

Environmental Services worked alongside the client from the early stages within the project to ensure that considerations were taken to the design of the systems to ensure a successful clean could be carried out. This ensured that there was protection for all equipment being installed onto the system and avoided any circumstances of contamination or damage to components within the system.

A sample analysis plan was developed and tailored for each system. This was followed for the duration of the work.

Upon completion of this treatment regime Environmental Services handed over the systems to the client in a condition which meets the standards set out in the BSRIA BG 29/2021 guidelines. A full Pre commission cleaning report for each system is compiled and issued to the client upon completion of the project outlining details such as:

  • Fill water quality
  • Sample photos of each stage along with onsite testing and analysis
  • Flow rates achieved throughout all pipework.
  • Chemicals used in the treatment include quantities.
  • Laboratory certified chemical and bacterial analysis.
  • Certification & calibration
  • Photographic evidence such as strainers & witnessing.


This building has now achieved full PC with no issues regarding the water quality within these system upon commissioning and is in a condition it can be managed by ongoing maintenance of the water quality.