Emergency Disinfection of Water System


Emergency Disinfection of Water System


January 2022


Commercial Office Building


Co. Dublin, Ireland


A multi-national client with offices in Dublin contacted Environmental Services Ireland (ESI) to consult on the reopening of their premises following a long closure during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Environmental Services Ireland visited the building and carried out an initial assessment. This assessment found that the buildings’ water services were not routinely flushed in accordance with the advice given in the HPSC and HSA guidelines, for the duration of the building closure.

As the building was now being reopened for employees, the following course of action was proposed:

  1. Full clean and disinfection of the cold water storage and mains water storage tanks
  2. Disinfection of the water storage tanks and all distribution pipework to all outlets
  3. Legionella samples taken 72 hours after the disinfection
  4. Comprehensive guidance issued on management of the water systems
  5. Report issued to client before reopening detailing the work carried out and a lab report
  6. The water system was deemed safe to use