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Supply of Chemicals

What we do?

Environmental Services Ireland provides a range of fluids which are used in the treatment of water systems. All chemicals are provided with material safety data sheets (MSDS)

Corrosion Inhibitors

used for the corrosion protection in closed loop systems ESI provide a range a corrosion inhibitors to suit each type of system. these range from industry standard Molybdate & Nitrite inhibitors to water based super concentrate of organic inhibitors.

Glycol Fluids

used as frost protection within closed loop systems we can provide both ethylene and propylene-based glycols or specifically blended inhibited glycols.


For use in the treatments of biological fouling within pipework systems.

Disinfectant/ Descalers

Showerhead Plus: To remove scale and debris that harbour bacteria within showerheads.

HuwaSan Tr-50 is used for the removal of biofilm and legionella control within water systems. This product can be applied by either a constant or shock dose of a system.

Neutral pH Cleaners

for use in multi-metal closed heating and cooling systems to effectively remove corrosion product, grease and dirt from new and old piping, auxiliary equipment and heat-exchangers.

Licensed waste disposal

Environmental services Ireland can also assist with the licensed disposal and destruction of waste product such as contaminated closed water systems that have traces of glycol.

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